Tips to improve your duathlon performance

Rob Popper is a Level 3 Triathlon Coach and a Sports Massage Therapist who has been working with local clubs and clients (including us here at Capital Tri) for over 12 years. He will be joining the FIX family at their new East Village location in April 2017. Here are his top tips for your next duathlon:

1. Smile, enjoy, have fun. Get to the race early, stick around after you're done. Support your friends, take some time out to cheer them on, clap for them, whoop it up a little bit. High five other people in your wave, shout words of support and encouragement to people who are faster than you. It is scientifically proven that smiling and laughter improves athletic performance.  Remember how much you liked it when your friends cheered for you? Be that person who makes someone else feel good.

2. Try something new, make mistakes, learn from them. For most of us, an early-season duathlon is a "B" race or a practice race, and if that is your plan, then you should treat it as such. Perhaps you can consider not being too rigid with setting specific race performance goals (such as, "I want to do the bike in XX amount of time"), and instead set some learning goals (such as, "I want to see what it is like to do a really, really hard bike after a moderate first run, and see how much I have left in my legs for the second run").

3. Practice your transitions. Duathlons are a little different from triathlons and even the most experienced multi-sports athletes may find it a little odd to transition from a run to a bike ride in the first transition, then perhaps might be in more comfortable territory when they transition from a bike ride to a run in the second transition. So, it is definitely worth thinking through your equipment and clothing, practicing those transitions before race day.

The Fix Philosophy...

We love working with Fix, here's Helen from Fix with a little about them...

Those of you who’ve spent any time at FIX may have noticed the orange pebble-shaped logo on our wall. This seemingly simple pebble, stamped with the Fix logo, represents the integration of our principles; The Organic Mechanical.

At FIX we offer mechanical treatments and advice and take the whole-person approach to health and training. We help clients in their process of fixing themselves, through the use of touch and movement, whether that be massage, manipulations, dry needling and acupuncture or through coaching and exercise. Our approach is physical and, through its basis in solid evidence, can be seen as the 'mechanical'. 

However, we don’t believe that courses of treatments ought to be pre-determined, based solely on an individual's 'injury', or dictated to by a pre-determined model of practice. Rather as a team we work organically, taking into account all the factors that shape our individual client's lives and their consequent health. Like pebbles, each of us is unique. Just as a pebble is shaped by tidal patterns so we are shaped by the numerous and varied forces of our genetics, lifestyles and environment, our parents and grandparents, what and how we eat, where we live, how (and how much) we move, how we spend our days (and nights). These factors and more determine our present health - physical, emotional and mental.  

The FIX experience is a composite one that considers all these elements and treats our clients accordingly. Being an inter-referring clinic is key.

In practice this might mean you come in to see a FIX osteopath or physiotherapists for diagnosis, have some acupuncture for pain relief, massage for soft tissue work and Pilates for strengthening. We have it covered. This is now also enhanced by our British Athletics qualified Run Coach Steve Hobbs. Capital Tri racers can visit Steve to hone your running technique to a tee, helping you to reach that PB, recover safely from that injury and finish your race smiling.

More on Steve and his running packages here.

More on Team FIX here.

Good Luck and see you at the finish line for post-race massage!


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We're delighted to team up with Fix once again! Fix is Capital Tri's choice for physical therapy, and East London's brightest sports injury clinic.  Fix has a broad team of top-notch therapists all under one roof to help you banish that difficult niggle or help you improve performance and stay injury free.