A new swim course

  • Nervous about your first open water swim?
  • Or looking to improve on your last effort?
  • Join us for an introductory course for first-time and novice open water swimmers!

Starting 23 July 2017 , Capital Tri will be coaching a 6-week open-water training course at the West Reservoir Centre, Stoke Newington. This urban oasis is a great place to dip your toe into the art of open water swimming. The sessions will be aimed at first-timers looking for an introduction to triathlon ahead of their first race or novice triathletes who are looking for some simple and easy tips on how to improve their open water swimming. These sessions will get you primed for your first race of the season.
For novice athletes, the coaches will walk you through the basic skills required in in open water swimming, such as cold-water acclimatisation, sighting/navigation, breathing techniques, turning and drafting to give you the knowledge and confidence to enjoy your race.
Week 1 (23 July): Introduction to Open water swimming, acclimatisation and breathing
Week 2 (30 July): Sighting/navigation
Week 3 (6 August): Sighting/navigation & turning
Week 4 (13 August): Drafting on the side
Week 5 (20 August): Drafting behind
Week 6 (27 August): Race preparation


Sunday, 8:30am
West Reservoir Centre, Stoke Newington, Green Lanes, London N4 2HA
- a wet suit
- a bright coloured swim hat
- goggles (preferably two pairs in case one breaks)
- water bottle
- a towel (the centre has AMAZING hot showers)
Capital Tri and Triathlon England have teamed up to provide you with a special introductory rate - you can sign up for all six weeks for just £26, saving yourself £34 on weekly bookings.

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