The temperature is finally dropping and the days are getting shorter - but that's no reason to cut back on training with a competitive edge!

Come join us every Monday for either a GOTRI Duathlon (a low key, but highly rewarding race around the Lee Valley Velo Park) or (on alternating weeks) a 'Brick' training session - the ultimate way to build your bike and run fitness.

Our sessions are open to adults of all abilities and ages. Our closed, one mile circuit keeps you out of the way of traffic and our cheering team provide friendly coaching, support and advice.

We'll be going through the winter - get a base layer on and come along!


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Every two months, from 29th September we are running PB nights at the GOTRI Races at the Lee Valley Velo Park.

It's simple: Set a personal best, get a free race!

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There are two small conditions: 1. you must have raced once before  - you need a PB to beat! 2. you must take the free race before the next PB night in November.


Summer is not over! The lovely weather we've been enjoying means that The Splash on 28th September could be one of the nicest open water swims of the year!

We offer three distances:

  • 750m
  • 1.5km
  • 3km

And there's a goody bag for all finishers. Come join us at the beautiful West Reservoir in north east London for one last chance to get a lovely open water splash this year!

Plus, final chance for a coached swim this Sunday at 8.30am


Here to bridge the gap between training and major races, the GOTRI is a chance to race at a low price in a competitive environment for entrants of all standards.

We host a GOTRI Duathlon every second Monday - come join the fun!