The Fix Splash & Dash is back!

The Fix Splash & Dash returns for it's 5th year at the West Reservoir on 12th June to continue what has been a really exciting start to the season.

Following the success of The Fix Splash (our most popular race to date) and in response to feedback from many of you we've added a 1.5km swim only wave to the event too.

You can enter now!

Well done ...

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Meet FIX-er Lex Posie, massage therapist extrordinaire!


Hi, I’m Lex Posie. I’m a sports massage therapist with an interest in connecting and sharing with people in the fitness world. Lets face it we all struggle to “give back” to our bodies in this busy life. I am constantly hearing people say they don’t make quite enough time for massage, stretching, or even cool downs. That’s where I come in. 

In treatments I love to come up with a few specific goals clients and leave them with a few techniques they can use to prolong the effects of the massage. I specifically love using p.n.f. stretching techniques to gain length in muscle increasing range of motion. Facial techniques such as skin rolling and finger-tip spreading are great to increase mobility in skin and decrease restrictions. 

Of course if your receiving a massage on competition day you would look for stimulating techniques such and quick rapid movements over the body triggering your parasympathetic nervous system (aka your fight or flight), and post competition day you may want something to decrease muscle tension or soreness! 

I’m motivated and inspired by people with any size fitness goal and mostly driven by others dedication to keeping themselves fit.